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Embassy Working Hours

08.30 am to 5.00 pm Sunday to Thursday

Consular Working Hours

09.00 am to 12.00 pm Sunday - Thursday

ICCIM affiliated Associations Syndicates Unions


Name Iranian Association of Home & Office Furniture Exporters
President Mr.Mohit ,Ali Reza
Address No.36 (2nd fl.), 37th St., Seyyed Jamal-e-din Asad Abadi Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88064989
Fax 021-88068101
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iranian Association of Software Exporters
President Mr.Entezari , Freidoon
Address No.17(5th east fl.) , Hakimi alley , Pakistan St., Dr.Beheshti Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88511721
Fax 021-88511721
E-mail info@uise.ir
Website -

Name Iran Fisheries Organization
President Mr.Sanganian, Hadi
Address No.1050/6,(11 th fl.,unit 9),after Beheshti crossroads,Vali Asr Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88686384
Fax 021-88715228
E-mail ict@mail.fisheries.ir
Website www.shilat.com

Name Iranian Oil, Gas,& Petrochemical Products Exporters Association 
President Mr.Hosseini,Hamid
Address No. 30, 7th St., Sarafraz St., Dr Beheshti Ave., Tehran, Iran
Tel 021-88517111
Fax 021-88517112
E-mail info@opex.ir
Website www.opex.ir

Name Exporters Association of Medicinal herbs & Food Products of Iran
President Mr.Maghazeie, Jalil
Address (1st fl.,unit 6)Golestan Building,corner of 6th alley,Hasani St.,Karim khan Ave.,Tehran)
Tel 021-88842608
Fax 021-88834017
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iran Dried Fruits Exporters Association
President Mr.Shams-e-Fard ,Mohammad Hasan
Address No.19, Freidunshahr St., Azarshahr St., North Iranshahr Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88311384/5
Fax 021-88231000
E-mail info@idfea.com
Website www.irandriedfruits.ir

Name Iran Mine House
President Mr.Mir Mohammad Sadeghi , Ala-e-din
Address No.25(2nd fl.),South of Ostad Nejatollahi Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-88807799
Fax 021-88805039
E-mail info@iranminehouse.com
Website -

Name Syndicate of Steel Pipe & Profile Manufacturers
President Mr.Abouei Mahrizi, Seyyed Ali
Address No.5(3rd fl.),12th St., Sar"afraz St., Beheshti Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88746336/7
Fax 021-88746338
E-mail info@sandika.ir
Website www.sandika.ir

Name Iranian Motorcycle Manufacturers Syndicate
President Mr.Behrouz Zadeh ,Mohammad
Address No.26,Kourosh Building,After Sepah Store ,South Ostad Nejatollahi Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88934920
Fax 021-88934924
E-mail -
Website www.btm.ir

Name Iranian Syndicate of Motorcycle & Bicycle Parts Manufacturers
President Mr.Hossein Zardooz,Mohammad Taghi
Address No.60,Saeed Nour Mohammad Beig alley,between Vali Asr Ave. & Vahdat Eslami Ave.,Molavi Ave,Tehran
Tel 021-55373482
Fax 021-55395766
E-mail info@simpm.ir
Website www.simpm.ir

Name Syndicate of Paper & Cartoon Manufacturers
President Mr.Arab Zadeh,Ahmad
Address No.233(1st fl.),corner of 20th St.,North Allame St.,Saadat Abad Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-88031914
Fax 021-88607898,9
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iranian Syndicate of Leaven Manufacturers 
President Mr.Bala Zadeh, Houshang
Address No.233(1st fl.),corner of 20th St.,North Allame St.,Saadat Abad Ave.,Tehran
Tel 021-22090739- 22078337
Fax 021-22078337
E-mail Iran_yps@yahoo.com
Website -

Name Iranian Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Syndicate
President Mr.Rajabi Rad , Javad
Address No.14(4th fl.), East Arak St. , Sepahbod Gharaney Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-88316652
Fax 021-88316653
E-mail vpms@infopoultry.net
Website www.irvpm-syn.com

Name Iranian Syndicate of Syringe & Needles" point Manufacturers
President Mr.Roueen Tan,Khaled
Address No.13(3rd fl.), Leili alley,Vanak St., Vanak Sq,Tehran
Tel 021-88791600
Fax 021-88791599
E-mail -
Website -

Name Syndicate of Teflon Dishes Manufacturers
President Mr.Poursartip, Daryoush
Address No.25 (5th fl., unit 18) , Shahid Farahanipour St. , Asadabadi Ave.(9th St.)., Tehran
Tel 021-88553753
Fax 021-88553753
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iranian Syndicate of Chemical ,Pharmaceutical Materials & Packaging
President Mr.Ekhteraee,Faramarz
Address No.115(2nd fl.), next to the "Nehzat-e-Savad"amuzi", Dr.Fatemi Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-88958740
Fax 021-88953719
E-mail -
Website -

Name Syndicate of Paint & Resin Manufacturers
President Mr.Etemad Emami , Iiraj
Address No.14( 6th fl) , East Armaghan alley , Africa Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-22047195
Fax 021-22047101
E-mail parmai@tavana.net
Website www.parmai.com

Name Iranian Syndicate of Computers Manufacturers
President Mr.Mohebbi ,Mohammad Hossein
Address No.150,opposit Pars Hospital,Keshavarz Blvd.,Tehran
Tel 021-88984139
Fax 021-88968099
E-mail info@iitms.ir
Website www.iitms.ir

Name Syndiate of Power Manufacturers Companies
President Mr.Malaki , Mohammad
Address -
Tel 021-88897051
Fax 021-88897052
E-mail -
Website www.pgcsyndicate.com

Name Iranian Syndicate of Canned Food Industries
President Mr.Azad Mard, Ahmad
Address No.24,Tohid blind alley, West side of Tohid Sq.Tohid Sq.,Tehran
Tel 021-66056120-4
Fax 021-66056119     66933604
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iranian Syndicate of Aluminum Industries
President Mr.Sabbagh Sani
Address No.7 (ground fl.), Shahid Sar"afraz St.(2nd St.), St.,Ostad Motahhari Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-88735735
Fax 021-88735735
E-mail -
Website -

Name Iranian Syndicate of Elevators & Escalators Industries(ISEEI)
President Mr.Mansouri ,Ali Mohammad
Address No.20(3rd fl.), Hoursar St., Tehran vila St., Sattarkhan Ave., Tehran
Tel 021-66509498
Fax 021-66509499
E-mail info@iseei.org
Website www.iseei.org

Name Iranian Telecommunication Industries Syndicate
President Mr.Sheibani , Shahrokh
Address No.954 - Shariati Ave - 1556914846 - Tehran - Iran
Tel 021-88519829 - 88511863
Fax 021-88519630
E-mail info@telecomsyndicate.ir
Website www.telecomsyndicate.ir

Name Iranian Electrical Industry Syndicate(IEIS)
President Mr.Parsa , Mohammad
Address No.192, after Mofatteh junction , Ostad Motahhari Ave.,
Tel 021-88331994
Fax 021-88847348
E-mail info@ieis.ir
Website www.ieis.ir

Name Printing Industry Exporter"s Union
President Mr. R. Rezaie
Address -
Tel 021- 77522597
Fax 2177624043
E-mail -
Website -

Name Shipping Services Association
President Mr. M. Farhang Tarjoman
Address -
Tel 021-88905405
Fax 021-88906572
E-mail -
Website -

Name Forging Industry Association
President Mr. Fallah
Address -
Tel 021-88820624
Fax 021- 88826861
E-mail -
Website -


Iran Country Code: 0098